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Events @ the Library

​On Tuesday 21st February, there was a buzz of anticipation in the Library at Benowa State High School! Ms Evans’ class, 8D, participated in our Library’s first ‘Blind Date with a Book’ event. Students were presented with a display of books covered completely in newspaper, adorned with a glittery, red heart to symbolise a love of reading and the idea that books need to be appreciated no matter what they are about! The class had no idea of what genre lay beyond this disguise and this is what created the excitement.  With squeals of “…I want this book..” and “..that book looks the best..”, students each selected a book and ripped off the wrapping to reveal the glossy book cover underneath. There was a wide range of genre, including ‘real life’, ‘dystopian’, ‘fantasy’, ‘other cultures’, ‘action’ and ‘mystery’; enough to capture everyone’s imagination!


The concept of ‘Blind Date with a Book’ is to challenge students to read beyond their usual genre and ‘story type’, thus broadening their reading interests with new plot lines, characters and themes. ‘Blind Date with a Book’ encourages open-mindedness and helps facilitate critical thinking, creativity and reflection skills.