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Creative Courtyard Classroom!

Year 9E History lessons took advantage of the sunshine in the early days of winter and moved their lesson into the Collaboration Centre courtyard on Friday, 9 June. Mr Murray Sinfield has been teaching a WW1 unit and this group of dance and music excellence students collaborated well together using a range of resources and information literacy skills. It was encouraging to see students working independently whilst enjoying the considerably more informal learning environment setting!

Ms K Stanley (Teacher Librarian) and Mr M Sinfeld (Senior Teacher)


12th June 2017

As Term 2 draws to a close, the Collaboration Centre Library becomes a very busy place! With exciting projects to complete across the subjects and exams to study for, the library is a hive of activity, buzzing with academic energy and the positive level of constructive collaboration and peer support.


Three students featured @ the library recently are Year 7 boys; early-birds who arrived at the Library soon after it opened in the morning: Thomas, Daniel and Keegan. They were engaged in finishing a History assignment; preparing an Egyptian Mummy mask for their oral presentation.


All the boys love going to Benowa State High School and chatted about this with the school librarian. With the upcoming holidays upon us, Thomas said that he doesn’t want school to end because he “loves Wednesday afternoon ice skating, sports in general and History and English - as the lessons are fun”. He likes reading “really gory books”, and we have plenty of them in our library fiction section! Daniel likes our school because of his friends and he loves reading Young Adult real life fiction such as ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green. He also thinks that we have really, really good books available for students! Keegan is proud of our library because of the comfortable study booths which are good for group work, and he likes how quiet the library is in the morning. He prefers Non-Fiction books such as our ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ series.


Ms K Stanley
Teacher Librarian


Holiday Reading

With holidays upon us now, it’s time to borrow a good book or two from our school Library! We have an incredible range of books to suit all age groups and student interests.


Here’s Ms Stanley’s top picks of recommended holiday reading:

‘Conspiracy 365’ is an action packed series set in Melbourne written by Australian author, Gabrielle Lord, about a young teen who has 365 days to uncover the mystery of his father’s suspicious death whilst on the run from a criminal mob out to get him and the family secret. A currently shortlisted book for the Children’s Book of the Year Awards, ‘Yellow’ has a slightly supernatural element to the plot about a young girl trying to prove who murdered her father.

For fans of the fantasy genre, ‘Beware of the Claw of the Sphinx’ is part of the Myth Raiders series where two teenagers travel to Egypt endeavouring to save a magical shield; dodging mummies and a deadly sphinx.

Australian author, Tristan Bancks, who visited our school in Term 1, wrote ‘Mac Slater Coolhunter’ about a teenage boy on a mission to be ‘cool’.

Popular with girls, ‘The Width of the World’ and ‘Ripper’ both feature strong young teenage heroines. ‘Ripper’ is a gothic mystery set in 1888 where Abbie takes on a detective-like role to stop Jack the Ripper committing more attacks in London. The main character in ‘The Width of the World’ is on a quest with her dog, travelling into a magical world full of strange beasts to wipe out an evil race of strange creatures.

To summarise Family Education 2017, “Reading as a teen leads to success.” Extra reading expands vocabulary and shows students how writers express their thoughts, which can lead to better writing skills. It is suggested that “…teens who read more literary works gain skills in handling complex ideas. Through a wide range of plot structures and genre, books show that everyone has problems in his or her life at times, and offer positive solutions as played out by the different characters. Reading helps our students expand their horizons as they learn more about people and the world.”

Drop into the Library and see Ms Stanley to help you select an awesome holiday reading book!


Ms Kate Stanley
Teacher Librarian