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What is BYOD?

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device (suitable device for school use). It is a scheme designed to allow all students at Benowa State High School to have access to digital learning.


Previously the federal government funded NSSCF program provided laptops to students. This program no longer exists but the school needs students to have access to the Australian Curriculum as it is delivered in Queensland State Schools. This requires Benowa State High School to be able to deliver the curriculum digitally across all subjects.

Benowa State High School is delivering lessons using technology and needs to continue this practice to effectively deliver the curriculum and continue to develop students as contemporary learners.

How will my child be using their device in the classroom?

Technology is a tool in the day-to-day learning of contemporary students, not a special event or something separate from their everyday experiences. Different teachers in different classes will use technology in different ways. Students will not be learning in a paperless or wholly online environment. They will be using technology in classes to support the best possible approaches to rigorous teaching and learning.

How will my student keep their device safe?

Parents are encouraged to purchase a protective case and students are encouraged to use this case for all transportation of the device during the school day.

Why does my child still have to have a textbook list?

The school has developed quality electronic resources and students are provided with access to e-texts. However, students will still have textbooks in some subjects where e-texts are unavailable. Some publishers have yet to offer their books in an electronic version and it is important to give access to the best resources to support student learning.

What do I need to do as a parent/carer?

Plan to purchase a device either privately (e.g. Harvey Norman) or via our Hewlett Packard or Dell vendors.  
Access Key: benowashs - PIN: benowashs

What are the minimum requirements when I purchase a device?

Please visit the Computer and Technology page.

What type of device should I purchase?

Please visit the Computer and Technology page.

Will students be able to borrow laptops from the school?


What if I cannot afford to buy a laptop?

Computer vendors may provide payment plans. Discuss payment options at the point of sale.

What If I cannot afford to purchase my child a laptop? Will my child be penalised?

No, other tools like pens, exercise books and textbooks will still have a place in the classroom.  However, the school aims to prepare students for the world of work which is now more heavily dependent on technology. The curriculum has changed and the laptop is a tool used in teaching and learning. The school strongly recommends to parents/carers that they provide a laptop for students to use at school.