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Sports Excellence


​The Sports Excellence course is a three year program for years 7, 8 and 9 in which students are selected based on interview, previous sports achievements and performance in fitness tests. It is not a program exclusively for elite or representative athletes although there are a number of students in the course who are in these categories. In essence, the program is an extension course in Health and Physical Education and is open to all students with an interest in sports and a desire to be very physically active.

Mainstream grade 8 classes at Benowa State High School are allocated three lessons a week of HPE, which is increased to six lessons a week for the sports excellence students. The extra lessons come at the expense of music and art, although students in the sports excellence program can still be involved in the school bands and instrumental music programs. In grade 9 the lesson allocation is 8 lessons a week in sports excellence as opposed to 4 lessons a week in the mainstream classes. The extra time allocation allows the sports excellence students to be involved in a number of off-campus activities including diving and swimming (at Southport pool), gymnastics, golf, rock climbing as well as a three day residential camp (in recent years held at Tallebudgera) towards the end of the school year.

These extra courses come at a cost for both transport and tuition. Students are also required to purchase a sports excellence polo shirt (individually monogrammed) and cap. The total costs for the above are approximately $400 a year. Practical units are complemented by classroom studies in health, first aid, sports injuries, body systems, fitness and so on. Students are assessed in both their practical performance in sports and activities and in classroom work via written tests, reports, peer related teaching, instruction to local primary school classes, and assignments.

The sports excellence classes (there have been two classes in grade 8 for the last two years) stay together as a group for all their core subjects in English, Maths, Science, SOSE and HPE. Students also study home economics, ITD and a LOTE. Some students require learning support in one or more of these areas, but by-and-large the class stays as a unit for all instruction. Students in the sports excellence program are required to maintain an exemplary record of behaviour, effort, neatness and attendance in all subjects.

There is a very strong emphasis on cardio-vascular fitness and students are also required to meet and maintain progressive standards on the 20 meter shuttle run test ('beep' test). Students must also represent the school in interschool sports competition at some level (Tuesday sports-half teams and or tournaments or carnivals held throughout the year), and participate in all school based 'Homestead' ('House' system) carnivals in swimming, cross-country and track and field.

Ian Hutchison

Head of Department Physical Education