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Sports Excellence


Benowa State High School has a proud tradition of successful sporting achievements through both teams and individuals reaching and winning State, National and International competitions.

Participation in sport is provided to every student at Benowa State High School, however students with particular sporting aptitude may apply for enrolment in the Sports Excellence Program.


What is Sports Excellence?


Sports Excellence is a cohesive and comprehensive 3 year physical education program providing access to an effectively structured developmental program of sports coaching, performance and training delivered by highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.


Sports Excellence whilst designed for those students with passion, enthusiasm and talent for sport is targeted at those students who through the conduit of sport want to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviour to be champion individuals, both on and off the sporting areas.


At Benowa State High School we recognise that developing sporting potential needs to be matched with efforts to attain full academic potential, and so students are developed and guided both in the classroom as well as on the sports field. This is achieved through the provision of experienced staff who will generally work with the students for one of the core academic subjects as well as the Sports Excellence specific curriculum, while the remainder of the curriculum is delivered by subject specialists (for example, LOTE, The Arts etc). This arrangement fosters a genuine sense of belonging and team, and ensures a check and balance is kept between academic and sporting pursuits.

A fee, additional to the Textbook Resource Scheme, is payable upon acceptance and in each subsequent year that the student is part of this program. These funds are used to provide additional curriculum resources, exclusive visits from guest speakers and specialised classes.


In addition to the sport uniform, Sports Excellence students are required to purchase a distinctive Sports Excellence shirt and Sports Excellence hat.


Student performance is monitored regularly and the school holds high expectations around work ethic, fitness application and behaviour. Students must display appropriate behaviour and effort across all subjects whilst in this program and enter into a contract outlining their responsibilities. The school, in consultation with families, reserves the right to withdraw students from this program at any time.