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Waldorf Excellence Program

Developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, The Waldorf Education Program at Benowa State High School provides a creative and academic way of learning to extend students in all subject areas. The program develops learning activities which are intellectually challenging, connected to the real world and are inclusive, participatory and socially critical. Waldorf Education promotes the use of discussion, collaboration and democratic classroom practice where students are given space to articulate and problematize how knowledge is constructed.

What is Waldorf Education?



Waldorf Education approaches all aspects of schooling in a unique and comprehensive way.  The curriculum is designed to help students develop their full potential as scholars, artists, athletes and community members.

It is easy to fall into the error of believing that education must make our children fit into society.  Although we are certainly influenced by what the world brings us, the fact is that the world is shaped by people, not people by the world.

Waldorf Education recognises and honours the full range of human potential.  It addresses the whole child by striving to awaken and enable latent capacities.  Students in the program undertake, Extension English, Mathematics, History, Geography and the Sciences. In addition, a creative program of instruction including Visual Art, Music, Dance and Drama is interwoven throughout units of study and across the course.

Waldorf Education endeavours to prepare young adults who are knowledgeable about the world and human history and culture; who have many varied practical and artistic abilities; who feel a deep connection with the natural world; and who can act with both initiative and freedom as a member of today’s diverse society.

There is a supportive classroom environment within the program with one teacher delivering all subjects over the Junior Secondary years of high school. This provides space for an integrated curriculum in place if the standard curriculum which contains few links between subject areas and assessment pieces.

Student performance is monitored regularly and the school holds high expectations around work this, application and behaviour.  Students must display appropriate behaviour and effort across all subjects whilst in this program.  The school in consultation with families reserves the right to withdraw students from this program at any time.​