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​Junior secondary

Students engage with the Australian curriculum and explore the significance of language, literature and literacy.  The program entails close study of a range of texts, including novels, plays, media and film.  Students complete a variety of written and spoken assignments, and exams.

Transition to senior school

Students who have successfully passed semester 1 year 10 will be streamed into classes to commence the Senior English Preparation course in Semester 2, Year 10.

Students who do not successfully pass semester 1 year 10 or who do not engage in the assessment program are streamed into English Communication classes from the beginning of semester 2. This involves more accessible texts and an emphasis on basic literacy and work skills.

It is school policy to restrict entry to year 11 English to students who have demonstrated academic ability and an appropriate work ethic in years 8, 9 and 10.

Students in year 10 English Communication who pass all assessment in semester 2 year 10 will be offered the opportunity to progress to year 11 English or English Communication the following year. Students who do not pass semester 2 year 10 will be automatically placed in English Communication from the commencement of year 11.

Senior secondary

Year 11 and 12 English Communication consists of units focussed on work, community and leisure.  These units deal with a wide range of visual and written texts. There is a significant emphasis on spoken elements in assessment.

Year 11 and 12 English deals with complex written and visual texts and requires a high level of analysis and creativity from students. Students have to critique the ways texts position readers and respond using a variety of genres. Units often deal with more than one text and require well-developed reading and editing skills. The assessment program in each year contains at least two speaking tasks, one written assignment and two written examinations.

English Extension (Literature) is by invitation only for students who have achieved at HA plus or VHA levels in year 11 English.

This course deals with very complex literary concepts and engages with various philosophical and critical theories. It demands:

  • independent choice of texts and theoretical emphases
  • independent research into theorists and theories
  • the formulation of one's own questions
  • the reading and viewing of complex texts
  • a very high level of analytical skills
  • excellent time management skills
  • the ability to plan, draft and edit long pieces of work

Extra-curricular activities

1. There are many public speaking competitions students can participate in. These are generally advertised in student notices and on parade:

  • Lions youth speaks
  • Rostrum
  • Plain English speaking competition
  • A B Paterson speaking competition

2. There are many writing competitions offered during the year and details of these are displayed on the notice board in J block. Competitions include: poetry writing, story writing and political essays.