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Subjects and programs

  • Art

    This program hinges on the view that the arts are an integral aspect of whole school curriculum, providing students with unique opportunities to create, reflect, challenge, ritualize, critique and celebrate across a range of media and contexts.

  • Business

    The Business Department offers a range of OP, VET and SAS subjects for Years 11 and 12, along with a variety of subjects in Years 7-10. We provide a range of University, TAFE and work pathways for the future.

  • Dance

    Benowa SHS is regarded as one of the most vibrant Performing Arts schools on the Gold Coast. The dance department has a strong presence in the local community and a reputation for outstanding productions.

  • Drama

    Drama is explored through the dimensions of forming, presenting and responding. These three dimensions are interrelated and complementary. The synthesis of these three dimensions enables students to create and communicate dramatic meaning.

  • Early childhood studies

    Early Childhood is designed to offer students the opportunity to develop knowledge, attitudes and skills related to child development, parenting and childcare.

  • English

    English is the 'power house' of curriculum. In English we interrogate language, literature and literacy to understand how attitudes, values and beliefs are reinforced and challenged.

  • Extension programs

    At Benowa State High School we have a number of extension programs available to our students in English, French and Music.

  • Health and physical education

    HPE is one of the essential learning's and all students in years 8 and 9 participate in this subject. The aim is to involve the students in vigorous and fun activity, providing a sound knowledge base to help with healthy lifestyle decisions.

  • Honours program

    We are seeking to 'value add' for the school’s highest achievers across years 10 to 12 with the support of universities we are working towards scholarship entry to the student’s university and course of choice within and beyond Australia.

  • Hospitality

    Hospitality at Benowa State High School encourages students towards personal independence, living effectively in a wider society, and promoting preferred futures for self and other in contexts related to food, nutrition and hospitality

  • Industrial technology and design

    ITD is designed to offer students a high level of practical work, interests, motivates and encourages students to undertake further personal development, training and education in a range of areas related to the trade and engineering industry.

  • International Baccalaureate

    The IB Diploma is a world renowned holistic education program that is academically rigorous while promoting international mindedness

  • Languages

    At Benowa State High School offers Japanese, French, Spanish or Italian language studies.

  • Marine studies

    Benowa is the home of Marine Science in Queensland and is at the forefront in marine education in this state.

  • Mathematics

    Our programs incorporate technology through the use of scientific calculators, graphics calculators, and computer software in the form of spread sheeting, word processing, function analysis, statistical analysis and the internet.

  • Music

    Music is a subject which enables students to develop personally in many ways.

  • Science

    Our science program seeks to develop an understanding of key concepts within each scientific discipline; biology, chemistry and physics.

  • SOSE

    Study of society and environment (SOSE) incorporates elements of history, geography and citizenship. This subject provides students insights and understanding of the increasingly complex world in which we live.