Benowa State High School Dress Code


Dear Parents, Guardians, Caregivers,

For more than 25 years Benowa State High School has set a benchmark of expectations in public schooling in Queensland. The school reputation we enjoy is the result of parent support and staff diligence and commitment. The positive and strong recognition from our wider community has centred on not only the core values of our school but also on two very simple measures – how our students look and how they behave.

As a parent/caregiver in our school community, we expect that you will reinforce with your student(s) that the school uniform (as extensively described in the diary, on the school website and in the school prospectus) is to be worn to school WITHOUT VARIATION. It is important to note that every student and every parent upon enrolling at Benowa SHS has signed the Enrolment Agreement Form which clearly states that the student’s responsibility is to wear the school’s uniform with no variation, the parent’s responsibility is to support the school dress code.

Students are to wear their dress uniform every day except on Wednesday when they are expected to be in their sports uniform. When students engage in timetabled HPE activities, they are expected to bring their sports uniform to change into. After HPE, they change back into their dress uniform.

  • Dress Uniform Juniors: red polo shirt, dark grey dress shorts for boys, grey pleated knee-length skirt or dark grey dress shorts for girls, short white socks (above the ankle), grey school jumper

  • Dress Uniform Seniors: white button-through short sleeved shirt (girls are expected to wear a tie), dark grey dress shorts for boys, grey pleated knee-length skirt for girls, short white socks (above the ankle), grey school jumper>

  • Sports Uniform Juniors and Seniors: white polo shirt, black knee-length shorts, short white socks (above the ankle)

Students in the wrong shoes have been a big issue of late – the only permitted shoes are TOTALLY BLACK ENCLOSED LEATHER LACE UP SHOES. On  Wednesdays students are expected to wear a designated sport shoe. Canvas  shoes, skate shoes, converse shoes and other varieties are NOT permitted

Jewellery : students are permitted to wear one watch, one pair of earrings (sleepers or studs in silver or gold), religious or cultural items may only be worn if on a long chain, not visible at the neck, no visible body piercings (including nose rings/studs, lip rings/studs, eyebrow rings/studs) are permitted.  If students have piercings, they are expected to wear clear jewellery

Nails : no coffin nails, no coloured acrylic or acrylic features, no coloured nail polish (nude/clear/French tip nail polish is acceptable)

Make-up : students who wear make-up to school will be expected to remove             it. Fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions are not permitted.

Hair Styles : no hair colour other than natural tones, no headbands, bandanas or beanies, no ‘bald’ haircuts, exposed rat tails, undercuts, tracks and mohawks.

The consequence applied to students choosing to not comply with the school’s uniform policy (in accordance with the gazetted Education Queensland Regulations) is an after school detention. The after school detentions are held in B1 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2.55 until 3.25 pm. Parents will be provided with 24h notice so alternative transport arrangements can be made. These detentions will continue until the student complies with the uniform policy. Missing a detention will result in an external one day suspension.

Mark Rickard
Executive Principal

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Last reviewed 13 May 2019
Last updated 13 May 2019