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2021 Queensland Engagement and Wellbeing Survey Information for parents and carers

Why are we doing the survey?

We know that wellbeing and engagement are important parts of your student's life at school. The Education Department and our school are looking at ways to collect information on these important areas so we can support students in the best way possible.

The Queensland Engagement and Wellbeing (QEW) Survey is designed to measure how state school students view their wellbeing and engagement. 

Results from this survey tells us about students' levels of wellbeing and engagement. This information allows us to better support our students and meet their needs.

​When will the survey take place?

In 2021, the QEW Survey will take place between Monday 31 May and Friday 25 June 2021.

What is the survey about?

​The survey measures many aspects of students' wellbeing, engagement, and experience at school. The survey asks about:

  • resilience
  • school climate
  • relationships with peers, teachers and at home
  • sense of belonging
  • motivation and perseverance
  • academic self-concept
  • personal social capabilities
  • future outlook and aspirations
  • general life satisfaction
  • general health​

​What is involved in participation?

Teachers arrange for students to take part in the survey online during class time. It will take about 30 minutes to complete. If your child requires additional assistance, teachers and/or support people are able to assist them.

Your student will get a link to the survey in their email even if you opt-out. They won't be able to get into the survey without the access code.

Does your student have to participate?

  • Participation in the survey is voluntary. Choosing not to participate does not affect your child's education in any way.
  • Your child will also be asked if they would like to participate before starting the survey. They are free to stop or withdraw at any time.
  • If you do not wish for your child to participate in the QEW Survey, please contact us.​

How will your student's information be kept confidential?

The information collected through the survey is kept confidential. No personal information is shared with anyone outside of the Queensland Department of Education. The Queensland Department of Education will store the data according to strict guidelines. The collection of information is in line with the Educational General Provisions Act (2006) and the Information Privacy Act (2009).

How will your student's responses be reported?

Student answers are de-identified. They are only be reported back to the school as part of their year levels' results. No one at school is be able to see their individual responses.

Where can I get more information?

More information, including FAQs, can be found on the Education website: You can contact the QEW Survey team by email:​

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Last reviewed 21 May 2021
Last updated 21 May 2021