05 June 2020


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

A busy week this week with many of our normal school activities resuming and encouragement for all students to re-start the many clubs and councils that make up so much of our extra-curricular activity. Please find following some important notes for remainder of Term 2.

Lock Down

We indicated on Wednesday in the school advice text sent when the school was locked down that we would provide further detail but the ensuing circumstances of the incident (a privacy matter) meant that we were unable to do so – we’ll avoid doing this in the future. In events such as lock downs we will try to have a text sent home as soon as possible so that we authenticate the event with you. Thank you for your support and just a reminder that if your student texts you to come and collect them during a lock down or evacuation - please don’t. You must not enter the premises in such circumstances and our staff will not be putting their safety at risk by collecting and moving any student from the safety of a building during a school lock down or from the oval in an evacuation.

New 2020 House Competition

Our Sports Coordinator Ms Ashley Passmore has been working over the last few weeks to develop an intra-school sport option to keep students active and participating in House activities. We are excited to provide preliminary details to you of the proposed Term 3 Inter-House sports competition and we hope to be able to review this towards the end of Term 3 for consideration again in Term 4.

Term 3 - Weeks 2, 4, 6 & 10 Wednesday
Wednesday 22 July, 
Wednesday 5 August, 
Wednesday 19 August, 
Wednesday 16 September

​Timetable for the Intra-School Competition Days

​Period 1

​Normal class (seniors and juniors)

​Period 2

​Seniors - PDP

Juniors participating in competition + TIP leaders

​Period 3

​Juniors and Seniors - normal class

​Period 4

Juniors - normal class

Seniors - participating in competition​

​Options for Seniors

​Study tutorials
​Certificates (approved by Mandy Howden)
​Certificate/Drone Course
​Students stay in their courses for Weeks 2 and 4 but can request a change and move out in Week 6.  
Study Group from the cluster day model can choose to participate in Sport instead.

​Games to be held on school oval
​​prisoner dodgeball, Danish longball and ultimate frisbee (all games taught to Years 7 to 9 during HPE lessons)
​Builds house spirit
​points will be tallied from each game; Links with junior health program run during online learning
​TIP leaders will participating
​Weeks 2/4/6 during junior time and optional for Week 10 (given timeline close to Term 4 and importance of class time)
​Uniforms - Juniors
​All students wear full sports uniform to school for the day

Juniors – come to school in sports uniform and can wear a House Colour over their sports shirt for Period 2.  Students change back into full sports uniform at morning tea.
​Uniform – Seniors
​Seniors; wear their full sports uniform to school, change into their Colours at lunch time and can leave school wearing House Colours

We’ll provide a further update in the next two weeks.

Cornell Notes

Please ask your student to show you the Cornell Notes sheet that teachers have now provided to students for their exercise books. This note taking format is a fantastic and very highly recommended organiser for study notes and the link that follows takes you to the website clip we use to show students how to use the notes. Please encourage the use of these notes right across all of your student’s subjects, Years 7-12. 

Language Perfect

For the second consecutive year Benowa claimed the world title for the Education Perfect Languages Championships – an online languages learning platform. During the pandemic shutdown, dedicated Benowa State High students continued working hard from home during May 14-21 to complete 1.8 million online language questions totaling 2166 hours of online learning. This year’s event saw a marked increase of global participation given the worldwide pandemic shutdown and a focus on online learning. In 2019, 1644 schools around the world competed and this jumped to 2158 in 2020. Despite the increased competition Benowa maintained their title for the second year in a row, adding to their collection of six previous accolades since 2012. Benowa students competed in French, Spanish, Japanese and Italian.

Please Update Your Emergency Contact Details

A number of students have recently needed to be transported to hospital by ambulance and our office staff have been unable to contact parents/caregivers and the emergency contact(s) listed in our student information have also been uncontactable. Could you please update these details with our office staff as soon as possible.

P&C Meeting 17, June 2020

All parents/caregivers are welcome with an RSVP via our Facebook page or by calling our Administration office on 55 827 333 so that we can observe the current social distancing numbers. P&C Link

Social Distancing 

Could you please continue to promote social distancing with your student(s) to reinforce that whilst out in public the threat of COVID-19 still exists.

Yours sincerely

Mark Rickard
Executive Principal

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