29 May 2020


Dear Parents/Caregivers

Today completes our first week of Years 7-12 back on site and as expected, students have returned with excitement at being back with friends and teachers have been excited to see their students face-to-face. Teachers have made some early decisions this week around revision and I know that many classes have a mixture of review of past work and then some new concepts. I have spoken today to our HODs of English and Maths and they have acknowledged the enthusiasm of students and staff all being back and have indicated that they anticipate there may be some further changes to assessment to recognise the challenges of Term 2.

Many staff and students are still at home and we wish to acknowledge that life is still very far from normal for you and we hope that the transition is sooner than anticipated. We have established a range of processes to support students here at school that are over and above our normal services so I would ask you to please encourage your students to ask for help when and as needed.

Local shopping centres and members of the public have contacted us very concerned about our students not following social distancing requirements whilst out in public – could you please assist by reminding students that social distance exceptions apply only on our school site. Teachers have raised a concern about students sharing equipment and this also is an area in which I seek your assistance to ensure that every day needs like pens etc are available to your student.

We are reviewing our financial positon weekly just as we know is happening with many of our school families. With employment now beginning to come back into the community we are going to email statements home next week (Week 7) to detail any outstanding invoices on your student’s account and seek your assistance. Once you receive your statement, if your family is experiencing financial hardship, please contact our Finance Manager via for confidential discussion regarding any outstanding fees or payment planning. This request is so that we can establish the school’s liabilities looking ahead to our externally contracted programs for the remainder of 2020.

It has been wonderful to have students back this week and we look forward to a busy and productive remainder of Term 2. Thank you again for your terrific support for student learning this term.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Rickard
Executive Principal

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Last reviewed 15 June 2020
Last updated 15 June 2020