COVID Update 2 August 20201


Dear Parents/Carers

As you are no doubt aware, the Acting Premier has announced an extension to the current lockdown until 4pm Sunday 8 August. The school will remain open to children of essential workers and vulnerable children. 

A detailed personalised email was sent home to all parents/carers this afternoon with information to help with online learning. Details about online learning and how to access various things can be found here ​

The current directions from Queensland Health require a harder position to the restrictions we worked with in 2020. I would therefore like to call your attention to the definition of essential work or volunteering. This refers to work or volunteering that is necessary to maintain essential services and supplies to the community, or to a part of the community, and that cannot be performed from the person's residence. Examples are nurses, doctors, teachers, healthcare providers or workers that provide essential work in the context of this lockdown. We will continue to update the community as more information comes to light regarding the current lockdown.

Today teachers have been onsite planning and preparing for online learning to support the continuity of all our BSHS students' learning. In many cases teachers have already been in contact with students and have been providing learning resources.


With the announcement of an extension to the lockdown, email correspondence between students and teachers is essential. Communication must be through a student's school email account. Should your student need to contact any BSHS staff a full list of email addresses can be found here.

Senior Assessments

Due dates across all subjects in Years 11 and 12 remain as planned. Students can check the senior assessment calendar (PDF, 327Kb)  to eliminate any confusion. 

Many students have already worked hard and handed in drafts for assessments that are due this week. All senior teachers have been in touch with students to offer support and scaffolding if necessary. Students should contact their teachers directly if there are any concerns. 

If there are circumstances preventing students from handing in assessment such as illness or other medical reasons, misadventure or extenuating other circumstances, please follow the normal process and contact Guidance to apply for an AARA (Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments). 

Exams for Math General, Math Methods, Math Specialist, Economics and orals for French, Japanese and Spanish will go ahead as planned next week so students should revise content and get prepared to sit their exams.​

Online Roll Marking

Online roll marking begins Tuesday 3 August 2021. Like in 2020, an email will be sent to students each morning. Students are required to use the 'voting' buttons to register their attendance. Detailed instructions for online roll marking can be found here.

Wellbeing Support

Again we enter into a lockdown period and we want to ensure that students remains connected to our school even if students are unable to attend. If at any stage you are feeling anxious, uncertain or needing some advice/guidance please see below :

Guidance Officers

Jane or Dave can be emailed and asked for advice / support / counselling, response to a question…

Other Helpful Resources

Visit for for useful tools and strategies to maintain wellbeing.

In the event of an emergency you  can contact:

Canteen Operations

With limited students on site the canteen will not be opening for the remainder of this week. Students of essential workers attending school are required to bring their own lunch. No approvals will be provided for students to leave the school grounds to purchase food.

Please take extra care!

Mark Rickard, Executive Principal

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Last reviewed 02 August 2021
Last updated 02 August 2021