COVID Update 20 Aug 21


​Good afternoon Parents and Carers,

On Wednesday, 18 August the Premier announced that from 4pm today there will be an easing of restrictions across the affected Local Government areas. This was a welcomed early announcement and I would like to thank families for their support of the recent weeks.

With this announcement there will be some key changes for us next week.

​Wearing Masks

Masks must continue to be worn by all staff in schools as well as students, unless physical distancing can occur. This applies to both indoors and outdoors. Based on this advice, and the difficulty of implementing a 1.5 metre rule in classrooms, it is expected that students will continue to wear masks in classroom settings in most cases for another week unless health advice determines otherwise.

There are a number of exceptions to wearing face masks and people with particular medical conditions or disabilities. Find the latest advice please here.

Parents/Carers on site 

You are welcome back on the school sites, with the requirement you adhere to the ongoing direction regarding the wearing of masks. This means masks must be worn by all adults inside school buildings (unless you can stay 1.5m apart from others) but may be removed outdoors, as long as you can physically distance. Please ensure that upon arrival you present to Administration to sign in.

​School activities 

Assemblies and other large group activities including instrumental music groups, choirs, performances, extra curricula sporting activities, and dancing are now permitted, adhering to COVID-19 health directions, including wearing of masks. If your child is able to remain 1.5 metres apart from others during these activities they will be able to remove their mask. 

Junior and Senior Secondary assemblies in the hall will require students to be wearing masks as it is not possible to establish social distancing in these events. ​

External providers and volunteers

External providers including providers of extracurricular activities, and volunteers, will be permitted at the school from Monday morning. All external providers are required to present to Administration to ‘check-in’ through administration office staff. Our office staff will ensure masks are worn by all external providers and volunteers inside school buildings (unless they can stay 1.5m apart from other people) but may be removed outdoors, as long as they can keep 1.5 metres apart from other people.

As always, I will continue to update you on any further developments as they arise. 

Take care.

Mark Rickard, Executive Principal​​

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Last reviewed 20 August 2021
Last updated 20 August 2021