School Update 6 May, 2020 – Return to School


​Dear Parents/Caregivers and Students, 

Thank you for your ongoing support in our changed learning environment. 

The Premier has announced that from Monday 11 May, 2020, students in Year 11 and Year 12 will be able to return to their school for regular scheduled lessons. Please know that we were all made aware of this decision via the media at the same time so we do appreciate your patience in waiting for our communications.

Years 11 and 12

Year 11 and 12 students will attend their regular timetabled lessons and in most instances will be with their regular teachers. We currently have a number of teachers that are absent and vulnerable workers and we believe those teachers, who are often specialist teachers, are best placed to continue to teach their students. They know their students, the content and the assessment they are working towards. The lessons of those absent teachers will happen in an online format where the teacher is available during the scheduled lessons. We are working towards these teachers delivering lessons in a live, online format.

Returning to Timetabled Classes for Year 11 & 12.

  • Regular school times and timetable in operation
  • Students attend all lessons in their timetabled classroom
  • Priority face-to-face teaching
  • ‘Online’ (email or face-to-face) with teacher in real time when teacher is working from home

The following Year 11/12 classes are scheduled as ‘online’ :

​Line 1

​Line 2

​Line 3

​Line 4

​Line 5

​Line 6































We understand that people are still concerned about the threat of COVID-19 for their families and that you might choose to keep your Year 11/12 child at home.  Students will be counted as attending school if a Parent/Caregiver of a year 11 and/or 12 student chooses to keep them at home and participate in learning at home. 

It is very important to note that the Department of Education advises … “the classroom teacher is not responsible for providing an alternative home-based learning program for students in Year 11 or Year 12 where parents elect to keep these students at home.”  Year 11&12 students learning at home are required to access the Department of Education Senior School Materials on the learning@home website ( 

Please note that the school canteen and uniform shop open again on Monday May 11.

On Monday 11 May at 8:40am, all Year 11/12 students report to House areas for compulsory House Group morning roll mark as follows:

​Florey V Block

Hinkler I Block

​Hollows C/D/E Block

​Bandler B Block

​Murdoch W Block L1

​Laver J Block

​Wake W Block L2

​Wright Q Block

Following House Group roll mark, students will be go to their timetabled Period 1 Classroom. This morning process is repeated every day up to and including Friday 22 May.

Years 7 to 10

Teachers of Year 7 - 10 students will continue to support students with their home-based learning model at this time. Parents/Caregivers remain responsible for their children. This includes ensuring their children continue their learning using the materials provided by their teachers. Additional resources are also available at The Learning Place and learning@home website, which includes details about Learning@Home TV programs. 

Learning@home TV, is broadcast on channel 7TWO from 8.30–10.30am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (excluding public holidays) and features Queensland curriculum-based lessons prepared and delivered by some of Queensland’s outstanding school teachers. Content will cover English, Mathematics and Science lessons, along with health and wellbeing segments, and special guest appearances.

In addition, the Department of Education is also launching reading@home TV on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8.30–9.00am on channel 9GO and coding@home TV on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11.30am to 12.00pm on 10 Peach. Both of these programs begin this week to further support children in their home-based learning. 

At this stage Year 7 – 10 are due to return to school on Monday 25 May however this decision is currently planned for review by the Queensland Government on Friday 15 May. We will send home more details of the return after that announcement.

Children of essential workers and vulnerable children

Children of essential workers and vulnerable children will continue to be able to attend school for supervision.  If parents have other circumstances that mean they would like their child to attend school, they should contact us to discuss.

Health & Hygiene

With the increasing number of students on-site we will continue to implement our strict hygiene measures.  As a school we will continue to promote regular handwashing through notices and screens located across the school.  

With an increased number of students attending the school site we are: 

  • encouraging regular handwashing and hand sanitising, particularly before and after eating, and after going to the toilet; 
  • increasing the cleaning of school classrooms, particularly high frequency touch points including water fountains or bubblers. Queensland Health advises it is safe to use water fountains or bubblers but please encourage your student to bring their water bottle for personal use.

If your child is unwell, they are not to attend school.  Advice from DoE states “the school must ask parents/carers to collect their child from school is they are unwell”. Please do not put us in the position of making this call, or potentially exposing others to illnesses.

Social Distancing

Physical distancing measures do remain an important consideration for the school.  Whilst measures for classrooms have been lifted, the DoE advice remains that “schools must not conduct assemblies, interschool activities, camps, excursions, sports, swimming or arts events”. Our school will continue to comply with this directive. 

Other physical distancing measures for adults remain in place. This includes the requirement that adults should maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres from each other to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Schools should encourage staff and parents to observe physical distancing measures by not congregating in areas inside or around the school. 

For example, it is important that parents/caregivers not gather before or after school in the car park, including at drop off and pick up time, outside classrooms or at the school gate.

Our school will review measures taken on Friday 15 May and determine what practices or structures need to change to better accommodate the needs of students and staff. With the Government announcement anticipated on May 15 about any resumption of regular full school attendance, we will then provide the next phase of returning to school information.

We look forward to the return of our students to school and the resumption of learning on site.

Please take care, 

Mark Rickard
Executive Principal

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Last reviewed 15 June 2020
Last updated 15 June 2020