Term 3 Update


​Dear Parents/Caregivers, 

We are very grateful that our term has not been interrupted by a lockdown and I would like to thank you for your tremendous support in 2020. I have been speaking with staff and students in the last two weeks about the importance of us not being ‘stuck’ in the COVID-19 moment and the importance of us looking ahead and into 2021. 

To this end, it is exciting to announce our new 2021 School Captains are Jessica Nuttall and Mahlia Corbett and our 2021 Vice Captains are Mali Morrison and Ryden Camara. These four Year 11 students were part of a group of 8 of the most outstanding students I have ever interviewed in the school. Congratulations on behalf of our whole school community … you will do an amazing job as our school leaders.

For our Year 12 students in 2021 some important news on the early admission offers from Griffith University and QUT. Both of these institutions are basing entrance on this year’s Semester 1 results to make allowance for the interruptions in 2020 and to over 60 different degree programs. I would encourage every University bound Year 12 student to check out Uni websites to see what is available with some courses commencing in November this year.

Heading back into Term 4, all of our special support provisions remain in place and again are on offer to all students. Special thanks for your support to limit the issue of student mobile phones in classrooms – the ‘manage my media’ focus has been successful and will continue. I’ve mentioned to a number of parents/caregivers that I would briefly mention absences from school in this email. As you would expect we are vigilant about any absence from school and thank you to those parents/caregivers who are sending students up to the office before school to have their absence note signed and registered. When there is a request for a student to leave early from school for an appointment we request a confirmation of attending the appointment to verify authenticity – an appointment card signed by the receptionist is easy to drop in the office the morning following the appointment. Our school’s attendance rates are some of the highest on the Gold Coast and our truancy rate is the lowest, thanks to this practice. 

In Term 4, Week 2, our school will be commencing the first stage of the 2020/2021 Council of International Schools accreditation process. Thank you to the many staff, parents/caregivers and students who have positioned us so well for this school improvement strategy.

Ahead now is a well-earned spring break which I trust is a wonderful time for every family – enjoy!

My very best wishes and take care,

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Last reviewed 06 October 2020
Last updated 06 October 2020