Term 3, Week 5


Dear Parents/Caregivers

Our school continues to focus on teaching and learning and we are well settled in our regular timetable. Intra-school sport has made a memorable return and student participation has been fabulous. The parent/teacher ‘interview’ period alternative seems to have been successful and a reminder to be in further email contact with teachers as necessary.

Our plans for Year 12 combined graduation/formal are still on track (yes, COVID-19 dependent) and whilst families will only be present for arrival outside the building, we will still celebrate our Year 12s and their schooling with fitting tributes. Many Year 12s are currently seeking scholarships and early entrance to University and TAFE – we wish them every success.

We have just completed some important planning that will be implemented should there be a future need for school closure. A positive COVID-19 test of staff or student would likely lead to a school ‘close and clean’ strategy as we have seen in these circumstances. A closure for cleaning may happen with very little notice so is important for students to keep laptops with them to go home each day and of course textbooks should be home every day as well. I understand that should there be a need for a longer period of closure, that we can anticipate a ‘lead in’ time to help prepare staff and students. There is no such indication at this time.

I am delighted to confirm that both Microsoft ‘Teams’ and now a student protection friendly version of ‘ZOOM’ are available to staff. The capacity for teachers to teach offsite directly to their class offsite looks finally to be a reality.

The P&C is embarking on a major refurbishment of the school tuckshop to improve the commercial kitchen facilities and to enable a faster flow rate for students. A survey is being sent to families about this project and your participation would help your P&C.

Just two procedural matters to bring to your attention:

  • Please do not send a sick student to school. We will contact you and ask that you retrieve your child;
  • Leave passes will not be issued from phone calls. The school requires a written reason for a leave pass and may require evidence of attendance at appointments to authenticate an approved absence. Leave passes will be approved by the school’s Administration Team and this may require contact with a parent/caregiver to verify the reason for the requested absence.

Thank you for your tremendous support in these challenging times and I would like to again extend to every student, the services of our wonderful Student Support Team.

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Last reviewed 17 August 2020
Last updated 17 August 2020