STEAM TECE Program for Preservice Teachers


The STEAM Teacher Education Centre of Excellence (TECE) offers a unique opportunity for talented and experienced Science (including Psychology), Technology, Engineering, Arts (English), and Mathematics (STEAM) professionals to kick-start a teaching career with the Department of Education. This centre is part of a joint partnership between the DET and Griffith University which is driving reforms to improve the quality of teaching in all schools. It is one of one of six centres of excellence established in Queensland state schools with the intent of improving teacher quality.

Benowa State High School, Merrimac State High School and Helensvale State High School have partnered with Griffith University to increase the supply of high quality STEAM teachers for Queensland state schools.  

Griffith University’s Masters of Secondary Teaching students complete their professional experience in the centre’s innovative school-based program which equips them with the skills and knowledge required of contemporary teachers. The centre aims to produce high-quality graduates who are ‘classroom-ready’.

Dedicated and trained teacher mentors, who are recognised as experts in their field, will support the students throughout the program.  

Successful graduates are awarded a postgraduate teaching qualification from Griffith University and are prioritised for permanent employment across the South East Region in Queensland.

For information about the STEAM TECE program please visit the Griffith University STEAM: teacher Education Centre of Excellence website, or contact:

Anj Dillon

Head of Mentoring

Phone: (07) 5582 7333

TECE Graduates build leaders of tomorrow

Teacher Education Centres of Excellence (TECE) work in partnership with school leaders, mentor teachers and universities to co-develop high-quality teaching graduates for permanent employment across Queensland. The program helps develop future leaders who build capability for teaching excellence through innovation.

One graduate taking this lead is Dr Julien Grignon who completed the STEM TECE program in 2013 and now teaches Science, Maths and French Immersion at Benowa State High School. A marine biologist before enrolling in the TECE program, he has taken the lead in a STEM in Action research project - the Gold Coast Kids STEM Convention. This model of innovation has successfully increased student engagement and participation in STEM and improved teacher confidence and effectiveness in teaching STEM. Julien helps other schools build programs of innovation in STEM by sharing this work at state symposiums and is facilitating a DET Onechannel webconference on Tuesday 7 February.

Julien’s passion is to build on the success of his work to build confidence in teachers embarking on STEM projects of innovation. He credits the TECE program in his journey to become a state school leader for the future.

Dr Julien Grignon

Last reviewed 14 May 2019
Last updated 14 May 2019