​​In this subject at Benowa State High School, drama is explored through the dimensions of forming, presenting and responding. These three dimensions are interrelated and complementary. The synthesis of these three dimensions enables students to create and communicate dramatic meaning.


  • Year7–8 Drama Units
  • Year 9 Full Year Elective Program
  • Year 10 Full Year Elective Senior Preparation Program
  • Year 11 and 12
    • Drama General Syllabus
    • Drama In Practice – Applied Syllabus

Achievements in Drama

  • Drama Festival 2021
    • Intermediate Drama 6 Outstanding Actor Awards
    • Adjudicators Award for Student Direction.
  • Senior Drama Festival
    • 4 Highly commended acting awards
  • Previous
    • Best actor in a comic role
    • 2nd place overall play – Senior Section
  • Gold Coast Theatre Palm Awards 
    • Best actor in a musical
    • Best supporting actor in a musical
    • Best producer award​

Why study drama?​

Innovation and creative thinking are at the forefront of this subject, which contributes to equipping students with highly transferable skills that encourage them to imagine future perspectives and possibilities. Students engage in aesthetic learning experiences that develop the 21st century skills of critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration and teamwork, personal and social skills, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) skills. They learn how to reflect on their artistic, intellectual, emotional and kinaesthetic understanding as creative and critical thinkers and curious artists.

Drama establishes a basis for further education and employment across many fields, both inside the Arts and culture industries and beyond. The knowledge, understanding and skills built in Drama connect strongly with careers in which it is important to understand oneself, as well as different social and cultural perspectives in a range of contexts, and to communicate meaning in functional and imaginative ways.


​Can I choose multiple drama subjects in senior school?

Yes you can! You can choose multiple Drama subjects eg. Drama In Practice and Drama or you can choose multiple Arts subjects e.g. Drama and Dance and Music. Each student selects the suite of subjects that best suits their skills, interests and career aspirations.​

What will I learn in Drama?

At Benowa State High School, Drama reflects on the human experience by investigating, communicating and embodying stories. We work to explore experiences, emotions and ideas that allows students to look to the past with curiosity, and explore inherited traditions of artistry to inform their own artistic practice and shape their world as global citizens.

  • Year 7–Melodrama                   

  • Year 8–Role play and scripted drama

  • Year 9–Interpreting characterisation in scripted plays, exploration of themes through monologues, clowning and comedy, Australian drama.​


Why should I choose Drama in Year 10?

​Year 10 Drama prepares you for life as well as a career.

Drama engages students in imaginative meaning-making processes and involves them using a range of artistic skills as they make and respond to dramatic works. It provides opportunities for students to learn how to engage with dramatic works as both artists and audience through the use of critical literacies. Students develop personal confidence, skills of inquiry and social skills as they work collaboratively with others. The unique learning that takes place in Drama promotes a deeper and more empathetic understanding and appreciation of others and communities. 

Year 10

  • Titanic extended improvisation
  • Theatre for young people
  • Page-to-stage reinterpretation–absurdism, performance poetry, physical theatre
  • Theatre for Adolescents

What are some careers drama can lead to?

  • Director/Producer ​
  • Teacher
  • Researcher
  • Television presenter
  • Lawyer
  • Arts writer
  • Events management
  • Tourism
  • Public speaking
  • Politics
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Journalist/Screenwriter
  • Presenter
  • Dramaturge
  • Lighting and sound designer
  • Theatre technician
  • Artist
  • Playwright
  • Editor
  • Lecturer
Last reviewed 28 September 2022
Last updated 28 September 2022