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Year 7, 2024 Excellence Program ​Applications
​Round 3 are now open

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Applications close Friday 13 October 2023​

2024 Enrolments

Benowa State High School is one of the Gold Coast’s leading secondary schools. Prospective students seeking enrolment in 2024 can apply for enrolment at Benowa State High School (BSHS) under the following categories:

  • Local Catchment Area: prospective student’s principal residence is within the defined local catchment area, as per the BSHS Enrolment Management Plan​   Please follow the steps outlined on our Enrolment page to proceed with a local catchment enrolment.
  • Academic Excellence (French Immersion, STEM, Waldorf​): selected based on an order of merit;
  • The Arts Excellence (Music or Dance): selected on an instrumental audition or a Dance performance that demonstrates the prospective student's artistic ability;
  • Sports Excellence: selected based on the prospective student's sporting achievements and abilities during trials.

Prospective students seekin​g enrolment within an excellence program must have school reports that reflect continued excellence in academia, behaviour and effort.  Further information on our school’s excellence programs can be found by reading the school’s Excellence Program Guide (PDF, 897KB).

Parents/guardians seeking enrolment should follow instructions on how to apply found here. Parents/guardians considering enrolling their child at Benowa State High School must understand that an application for excellence programs does not guarantee enrolment.​

For further information, please read the school's current Enrolment Management Plan​   , gazetted on 14 September 2018 by the Department of Education.

If you have questions about enrolling please com​plete our Enquiry Form​ and we will be back to you with information. 

​Transferring from another school​

If your child is enrolling from a non-state school to a state school (or vice versa) in Queensland, the new school can request a transfer note (PDF, 209KB)  from the previous school. There is no need for parents or carers to complete any additional forms.

If your child has moved to Queensland from interstate, the new school can request consent from you to obtain your child's information from the previous school using the interstate student data transfer note . This system enables the new school to support the educational placements of new students.

A transfer note is not required for students transferring their enrolment from one Queensland state school to another (including primary to secondary).

When transferring

  • ​consider the timing of the move and if the move can coincide with the change of term
  • involve your children in discussions and decisions about moving—this may help allay any fears or concerns they have
  • if you are moving from another state, be aware that Year 6 is the final year of primary school in Queensland
  • discuss the forthcoming move with your current school and collect documentation outlining student achievement levels and education history—this will help with appropriate placement at the new school
  • prepare a list of your children's particular needs e.g. preferred subjects, sporting and other interests, transport needs, extracurricular activities
  • consider subject choices, special education provisions, transport to and from school, vocational education programs, and cultural and sporting opportunities
  • consider behaviour management, discipline and uniform policies

Last reviewed 14 September 2023
Last updated 14 September 2023