All students are expected to participate in school organised activities on Wednesday afternoons for approximately 90 minutes each week from various activities.

  • Interschool sport competitions
  • School musical and drama productions

  • Recreation and leisure activities

  • Guest speakers

Three Carnivals for Homestead swimming, athletics and cross-country are scheduled during the year.

The school does not have insurance to cover injury sustained to students during school activities. Parents are advised to take out their own cover if they wish.


                   Bandler Dragons logo

Faith BandlerBandler House

Named after Faith Bandler, an Australian civil rights activist and campaigner for the rights of Indigenous Australians. Faith Bandler was best known for her leadership in the campaign for the 1967 referendum on Aboriginal Australians. She was awarded the Human Rights Medal in 1997.

Mascot: Dragons
Housemaster: Mr Andrew Taylor
Colour: Red
Assembly Area: Sports Hall
Associated Director: Mr Glenn Chippendale

                    Florey Phoenixes logo

Howard FloreyFlorey House

Named after Howard Florey, an Australian pharmacologist who in 1945 won a shared Nobel prize in Medicine for his role in the development of penicillin.  Florey’s research team investigated the large-scale production of the mould and efficient extraction of the active ingredient, succeeding to a point where, by 1945, penicillin production was an industrial process for the Allies in WWII.

Mascot: Phoenixes
Housemaster: Mr Matthew Anderson 
Colour: Purple
Assembly Area: First Level W Block
Associated Director: Miss Sarah Douglas

                       Hinkler Flamingos logo            

Hinkler House

Named after Herbert Hinkler, a pioneer Australian aviator and inventor. He designed and built early aircrafts before being the first person to fly solo from England to Australia, and the first person to fly solo across the Southern Atlantic Ocean. Hinkler was an exceptional mathematician and inventor and made a lot of aviation instruments which were in use up until the Second World War.
Mascot: Flamingos
Housemaster: Mrs Kylie Diviak
Colour: Hot Pink
Assembly Area: K05
Associated Director: Mr Brendon Wolski
                     Hollows Owls logo


Fred HollowsHollows House

Named after Fred Hollows, a humanitarian and eye surgeon who has helped restore eyesight to thousands of people in Australia and Overseas. He always pushed for change and, because of that, put in motion a legacy to end avoidable blindness.

Mascot: Owls
Housemaster: Mr Andrew McKee
Colour: Orange
Assembly Area: Under W Block
Associated Director: Mrs Lieve Rimbaut

                     Laver Lions logo

Rod Laver Laver House

Named after Rod Laver, an Australian tennis player widely regarded as one of the greatest in history. He was the number One ranked amateur in 1961 and 1962 and the number One ranked professional from 1964 to 1970. He also won eight Pro Slam titles and contributed to five Davis Cup titles for Australia.
Masot: Lions
Housemaster: Mr Adrian Comiskey
Colour: Blue
Assembly Area: K03
Associated Director: Mr Brendon Wolski
                     Murdoch Minotaurs logo

Elisabeth MurdochMurdoch House

Named after Elisabeth Murdoch, an Australian philanthropist who was appointed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1963 for her charity work in Australia and overseas. She was a life Governor of the Royal Women’s Hospital, patron of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and of the Australian American Association along with patron and founding member of a disability organisation EW Tipping Foundation and founding member of the Deafness Foundation of Victoria.

Mascot: Minotaurs
Housemaster: Ms Mandy Howden 
Colour: Green
Assembly Area: First Level W Block
Associated Director: Miss Sarah Douglas
                     Wake Wolverines logo

Nancy WakeWake House

Named after Nancy Wake, also known as the “White Mouse” in World War II. She worked as a nurse from age 16 and later trained herself as a journalist which she worked as a European correspondent in the 1930’s. In 1940 she became a courier for the French Resistance and a key player in the escape network. Nancy Wake became instrumental in recruiting members and led attacks on German installations and the local Gestapo.
Mascot: Wolverines
Housemaster: Ms Dee Thorsborne
Colour: Aqua
Assembly Area: Top of W Block
Associated Director: Mrs Lieve Rimbaut
                Wright Griffins logo

Judith WrightWright House

Named after Judith Wright, the second Australian to receive the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry. She was a founding member and President of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland and fought to conserve the Great Barrier Reef. Judith Wright was also an ardent supporter for the Aboriginal land rights movement.
Mascot: Griffins
Housemaster: Ms Alex Armour 
Colour: Yellow
Assembly Area: Tennis Courts/ Sports Hall
Associated Director: Mr Glenn Chippendale
Last reviewed 08 May 2019
Last updated 08 May 2019