​On top of our normal curriculum and our extension curriculum we also offer some extra-curricular activities for our students to participate in. 

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Model United Nations

Benowa State High School has participated in the Bond University High School Model United Nations (BUHMUN) almost since it's inception in 2017. The primary objective of the BUHMUN is to inspire and shape the future leaders of tomorrow. BUHMUN provides an immersive, exciting, and informative experience for high schoolers to learn about international relations. The Faculty of Society & Design at Bond University has been proud to host this event since it was first established in 2017 as Australia’s first university-run MUN for high school students.

Each year a two-day conference challenges secondary students to take on the role of a modern diplomat and represent a country’s position in simulated international debates to address the world’s most pressing issues.

2023 MUN

At this year's conference in May, our Benowa SHS MUN team of twelve students took part in an exhilarating series of debate styled sessions, collaborating with over 200 like-minded students from across the Gold Coast. The goal was to resolve a two-pronged global issue as put forth by the United Nations. Considerable background research is carried out by the students so they accurately and objectively reflect their country's position and share these perspectives through both informal discussion and more formalised presentations, using a shortened structure and vocabulary of the United Nations. This year saw a focus on the UN's Sustainable Development Goal number 2 [SGD2]: Zero Hunger, along with the aim to protect refugee children. Essentially, students as delegates, present the ideas of their country on their allocated topic, then collaborate to link with other countries in their committee room that align with these views, discussing how they can resolve the issue of world hunger, or protection of child refugees, and finally work out a resolution. This is put forward in a formal document that actually is sent to the United Nations in Hague.  

Two journalist roles allow students to learn the ropes of journalism, trained by Bond University journalism lecturers and media specialists. Our two Journalists, Ruby and Thomas, were once again awarded certificates this year for their outstanding contributions to the MUN newspaper which is put together over the two days. Participating students included: Rani (School Captain), Levi, Ava, Aliana, Nadia, Isabella, Anna, Thomas (School Captain), Elliott, Ruby, Neko and Emily.

tommun2023.png tomandruby-mun2023.png

According to our team, MUN was a unique and enlightening experience, enabling students to better understand global events and issues through new perspectives. Our students found it stimulating to discuss world topics and to challenge their own ideas through the collaborative process with their peers from other Queensland schools. Overall, it was a positive opportunity to develop self-confidence in a non-threatening situation and to make a difference in the world. The overall consensus was that students would be looking forward to next year's MUN in 2024!   ​

You can check out more about the MUN on Bond Uni's MUN Facebook page​ - even see our Benowa reporters in action!

Last reviewed 21 June 2023
Last updated 21 June 2023