Contact Details

Absence SMS: 0429 318 486 (Text only)

Absence Email:

Absence Phone: 07 55 827 360 (Message line)

Reporting an absence

If you know your child is going to be absent for the day, please send an SMS to 0429 318 486 (text only and no attachments) advising the child’s name, house group, date of absence and short reason for absence. ie John Smith HNK01 19/6/19 unwell. You may also report an absence to our 24 hr dedicated absence line 55827 360 advising the child’s name, house group, date of absence and short reason for absence. A written note may also be given explaining an absence which can be given to the “Student Services Window” on return to school. A medical certificate is strongly advised where possible and handed into the “Student Services Window”.

Late to school

If students arrive late to school they must report to the “Student Services Window” to sign in and it is encouraged they have a parental note with them explaining reason for lateness. A parent may send an SMS 0429 318 486 ahead to advise if a child is going to be late to school and approximate time of arrival.

Leaving the school grounds – leave pass

Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds unless a Leave Pass has been obtained and the note signed by a Deputy Principal who has approved the request to leave school grounds.  

In the interest of student safety, a leave pass may only be obtained by supplying a parent signed note detailing the students name, house group, time and reason for the leave pass to the Deputy Principal before school starts. Once the Deputy Principal has signed the note, a leave pass will be issued by the "Student Services Window".  Requests for leave passes are not accepted by email or SMS. If a student becomes unwell during the school day, they should seek entry to the sick bay (the student should not contact parents to organise a leave pass). The student signs into sick bay, a member of staff will monitor the student and will contact the parent/carer to organise collection of the unwell student from the school. 

Phone calls will only be accepted in the case of emergency.

Students going on holiday procedure

Parents intending to take students for holidays during the school year must apply to the school in writing with parent signature, stating the dates the student will be absent from school and the reason why the vacation must be taken in school time.

If approved by the Director, a green holiday form will be issued to the student which is a request for work or special arrangements for assessment. The student sees each teacher who complete the form before returning it to administration prior to the absence.

An exemption from schooling form will need to be filled in for any student intending to take leave for more than 10 school days

Last reviewed 22 June 2020
Last updated 22 June 2020