​​​​​​​​​​​Committee members

  • President: Donna Fraser ​
  • Vice President: Daniel Campbell
  • Treasurer: Leigh Manton
  • Secretary: Balakrishnan Senthl Kumar (aka SK)
  • ​Email:

What is a P&C?

P&C is the Parents and Citizens association where a group of volunteers (usually parents) meet regularly to provide feedback to the school, promote student and school interest, invest in school development and contribute to school enhancements. 

In recent years the P&C has financed the library refurbishment, outdoor seating, instruments for the music program and air-conditioned the entire school. 


We meet the third Wednesday each month at 5.30pm in the W Block conference room. Everyone is welcome and invited!!

​Parents contribution scheme

The parent contribution is a voluntary payment of $50.00 per student, $80.00 for two students or $100.00 for families with more than two students.  On payment you are issued with a receipt from the Benowa State High School P&C Association Building Fund, which is tax deductible. 

For information regarding the voluntary parent contribution scheme please read the P&C parent contribution scheme letter available in the related links section on this page.

As the P&C does not fundraise, this contribution is directed into the school projects, managed by the P&C. Your contribution is much appreciated and without such contributions, Benowa SHS would not be as well resourced as it is today; every student benefits from the contributions.

Projects undertaken by the P&C in recent years have included:

  • assisting with the installation of air conditioning in the Sports hall;
  • building a new Performing Arts teaching precinct;
  • refurbishing existing Performing Arts building;
  • renovating and extending existing school canteen and uniform shop building;
  • financial assistance with students representing the school, region, and state in sporting and academic events;
  • providing academic, music and sport scholarships to Year 7 students;
  • contributing funds to the school merit scheme for students attending “Gold day out”;
  • contributing funds to purchasing staff uniform shirts.


The school canteen is operational during the school academic year and for special functions as advised by the school principal.

The canteen is managed by a full time manager, employed by the P&C and supported by permanent part time and casual staff.

Uniform shop 

The uniform shop is open for trading five mornings

Monday - Thursday

8:00am to 12:00pm


8:00am to 9:00am

Trading hours are excluding school holidays and public holidays.

​For further information regarding the canteen or uniform shop please call (07) 5582 7352 or

Financial assistance

Benowa State High School P&C Association recognises sporting excellence amongst our student population. In recognition of those students who make representative sporting team and contribute fully to the sporting program at Benowa State High School, the Director of Sport nominates students to the P&C to receive financial assistance.

For competing in regional competitions each student can apply for financial assistance of $75.00 and if competing in state competitions the amount is $100.00 (capped at $250.00 per student per year) and teams are capped at $500.00 per year.

Whilst the P&C is often not seen at the forefront of the schools identity, our role amongst the school community is highly valued by both the administration of Benowa State High School and staff alike.

The Benowa State High School P&C strives to provide each student with their full potential because we believe “Our children, our future”.

Last reviewed 10 May 2022
Last updated 10 May 2022